Cutting Edge Technology: Hydro-debridement with the JetOx™ System

In this blog post, we will delve into the JetOx™ hydro-debridement system, exploring its functionality, benefits, and significance in modern wound care.


In the realm of wound care, continuous advancements are being made to enhance patient outcomes and accelerate the healing process. One such innovation making waves in the medical field is the JetOx™ hydro-debridement system. This cutting-edge technology has proven to be a game-changer, offering a highly effective and efficient method for wound debridement. In this blog post, we will delve into the JetOx™ system, exploring its functionality, benefits, and significance in modern wound care.

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Understanding Wound Debridement

Before we delve into the specifics of the JetOx™ hydro-debridement system, it is essential to understand the concept of wound debridement. Wound debridement refers to the removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue from a wound to promote healing². It plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of infection, facilitating granulation tissue formation, and optimizing wound healing².

Introducing the JetOx Hydro-debridement System

The JetOx™ hydro-debridement system is an advanced medical device designed to perform wound debridement using a high-pressure jet of wound cleansing solution. JetOx™ is intended for effective cleaning and debridement of chronic critically colonized wounds. The system has been proven effective for use in diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers and burns. The gentle and precise system make it clinically effective for painless wound cleansing without disturbing healthy granulation tissue. The compactness, and minimal amount of solution during treatment makes it ideal for bedside wound care application in hospitals, clinics or home settings. This innovative system combines the principles of fluid dynamics, precision control, and minimal invasiveness to offer a highly efficient debridement process.


The JetOx™ system works by creating a focused, high-pressure stream of solution that is directed at the wound bed. The pressurized jet rapidly dislodges necrotic tissue, debris, and bacteria, effectively cleansing the wound and promoting the removal of unhealthy tissue. The system's precision control allows healthcare professionals to adjust the pressure, flow rate, and direction of the jet flow, ensuring a tailored and precise debridement process.

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Benefits of the JetOx Hydro-debridement System

Reduced Pain and Discomfort

Existing literature suggests that debridement can be a traumatic and painful process for patients¹. In existing case studies, the JetOx™ hydro-debridement system was found to be generally well-tolerated by patients¹, resulting in improved patient comfort and compliance.

Faster Healing

Existing studies suggest that hydro-debridement treatment with the JetOx™ system resulted in improved wound bed preparation and better overall decongestion of the wound site¹. The use of the system was also associated with overall improvement in tissue oxygenation¹, resulting in improved wound healing outcomes.

Lower Infection Risk

The pressurized jet system allows for wound care professionals to easily dislodge bacteria, biofilms, and necrotic tissues associated with increased infection risks¹, improving overall wound healing and patient safety.

Device Safety: Easy, Clean & Compact

The JetOx™ hydro-debridement system is sterile, latex free, and simultaneously sucks up tissue residues. The disposable nature of the device removes risk of contamination, and allows for the device to be utilized for in-patient and out-patient wound management.

Final Thoughts

The JetOx™ hydro-debridement system has revolutionized wound care by providing a highly effective, precise, and minimally invasive method for wound debridement. Its ability to remove necrotic tissue, debris, and bacteria from wounds while promoting oxygenation at the wound site has significant implications for patient outcomes. With the ongoing advancements in wound care technology, it is exciting to witness the positive impact that innovations like the JetOx™ hydro-debridement system have on the field, ultimately improving the lives of patients worldwide.


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