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Brand Resources

Guidelines & Brand Colours

RGB 26 26 26
CMYK 0 0 0 90

RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0

HEX #6F8488
RGB 111 132 136
CMYK 18 3 0 47

RGB: 210 217 210
CMYK 3 0 3 15

Your Online Store

Product Images

Time for an upgrade! Here are high quality BIHOCL O.D. product shots for your online eye care shop.

PRO TIP: Make sure to assign the correct image to the appropriate bottle size in your online store.


Product Messaging

We’ve removed the guesswork. Here you’ll find refined product messaging for BIHOCL O.D.
We encourage your clinic to use this messaging to describe the product to customers visiting your online store.
This is intended to be a starting point. Feel free to give it your own flair or ‘voice’, including details about how your clinic uses the product to address patient needs.


Pro Tips & Best Practices

Your patients spend copious amounts of time on social media. Leverage posts to social media platforms such as Facebook and/or Instagram (bonus points for TikTok!) to market to them where they already are, rather than relying on promotional emails or physical mail. Think of it like this — social media is a great way to draw more eyes to your online store, resulting in more sales of products like BIHOCL O.D. and increased interest in your in-person clinic.

Stay up-to-date with the latest communications from Biomiq, as we will always provide you with the latest product imagery, messaging, and support so you can maintain the most accurate and enticing online store.

Studies show that once on a company's homepage, 86% of visitors want to see information about that company's products or services. So put BIHOCL O.D. on a pedestal! We recommend featuring BIHOCL O.D. on the homepage of your website, even if it’s temporary. Use us as your eye care product poster child — we won’t mind!

Feature BIHOCL O.D. in your public-facing email updates (if applicable) using a direct link to the product page on your website. If your clinic doesn’t do this already, some great examples of content to share are special offer announcements, newsletters, updates at your clinic, new equipment or new staff members, new blog posts, active contests, and giveaway announcements. Many clinics find success in emailing their patients on a monthly basis.

If you or your staff are proficiently able to speak about the BIHOCL O.D. product, we suggest adding a “Ask an Expert” (or similar) button to your BIHOCL O.D. product page. This lets the customer know that they can contact your clinic to discuss the product further with an individual that knows the product well and can assist.


Wholesale Pricing

SKU Product Size Price Per Unit Price Per CaseStandard Wholesale Case Qty. Min. Order Qty.
OD-2 BIHOCL O.D. 2 fl. oz. / 60 mL $9.99 $359.36 36 1 Case
OD-4 BIHOCL O.D. 4 fl. oz. / 118 mL $12.99 $311.36 24 1 Case

Subscription Pricing

SKU Product Size Price Per CaseStandard Wholesale QuarterlySave 5% MonthlySave 10% Bi-WeeklySave 15%
OD-2 BIHOCL O.D. 2 fl. oz. / 60 mL $359.36 $341.39 $323.42 $305.46
OD-4 BIHOCL O.D. 4 fl. oz. / 118 mL $311.76 $296.17 $280.58 $265.00

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

We recommend the following Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) range when retailing BIHOCL O.D. to patients both online and in-store.

SKU Product Size MSRP (CAD) Price Per Case Standard Wholesale Profit MarginRange
OD-2 BIHOCL O.D. 2 fl. oz. / 60 mL $19.99 $341.39 44% - 50%
OD-4 BIHOCL O.D. 4 fl. oz. /118 mL $29.99 $296.17 44% - 50%

The retail price of BIHOCL O.D. remains at the discretion of each clinic relative to their location, patients, and other solutions offered, but we have provided our suggested retail price range to help regulate market consistency and fairness for patients.

Marketing & Sales Assets

We’ve put together a collection of downloadable (and printable) sales tools and marketing assets for your use.

Keep in mind that some materials are focused towards O.D.’s and clinic staff while others are patient-focused.
Keep an eye on this space, as we will always upload new assets here for you to download as they’re created!
Don’t see something you need? If you have a specific need for a piece of BIHOCL O.D. material, please contact us directly and let’s discuss how Biomiq can help.

For O.D.’s


For Patients


Social Media Sharing Kit

In addition to the brand elements and product messaging available above, we’ve made it simple, quick and easy for you to educate your clinical (or personal) social media followers about BIHOCL O.D.

Social Graphics

An eye-catching image will stop scrollers in their tracks. You may have your own images to use when posting about BIHOCL O.D., but just in case you don’t, we’ve curated a small collection for you.

Post Copy Templates

Who doesn’t love post-ready content without lifting a finger? Here are a few options for you to choose from when posting about BIHOCL O.D.

Don’t forget: We always enjoy being tagged on social media so we can help amplify the voice of your clinic, too!



Continuing Education

My Dry Eye Webinar

Product Feedback

At Biomiq, we’re particularly good listeners. We’re always on the hunt for customer feedback about our products so we can continue improving and enhancing the product to better serve O.D.’s and their patients.

Please use the quick form below to share any feedback — good, bad, or otherwise — you might have about our products, our customer service, our website, or any other topic. We would love to hear from you!

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