A Sight For Sore Eyes: How HOCl Can Reduce Staph Bacteria by 99.6%

Staph bacteria is a common bacteria that can cause eye conditions and infections such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis. A recent study shows that hypochlorous acid (HOCl) can eliminate 99.6% of staph bacteria on the skin around the eyes. The best part is that you can send your patients home with this solution to help prevent infections before they occur.

Did you know HOCl can reduce 99.6% of staph bacteria present on periocular skin?

Eye care experts understand the importance of maintaining good hygiene around the eyes. When it comes to preventing infection, and other eye-related conditions that cause discomfort; good daily eye hygiene (eyegiene) comes first.

Staph bacteria is one of the most common types of bacteria found on the skin; it can easily transfer to the eyes, leading to complications and discomfort. Staph can cause infections like conjunctivitis and blepharitis, which are particularly harmful for immunocompromised patients and those undergoing medical treatments.

However, recent studies have shown that hypochlorous acid is highly effective in reducing staph bacteria on the skin around the eyes. In fact, a recent study¹ showed that HOCl can decrease staphylococci bacteria by 99.6% in just 20 minutes.

The Advantages of HOCl-Based Eye Care

HOCl is a natural and safe disinfectant that is produced by our body's white blood cells to fight off infections. It works by destroying the cell membrane of bacteria, making HOCl highly effective in killing bacteria. When manufactured outside the body in pure form, it can be just as effective as a safe and gentle, but powerful antimicrobial solution on the skin surrounding the eyes.

In fact, the fact that HOCl is so gentle and safe to use around the eyes is one of its greatest advantages—and therefore one of the greatest advantages an eye care professional has in their arsenal of treatment options.

HOCl is non-irritating and does not sting or burn, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin. Plus, the solution is non-toxic and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, making it safe for daily (or even multiple-times-daily) use.

On contact, BIHOCL O.D. get to work instantaneously, and applying it directly onto the skin around the eyes can reduce the risk of infections and promote faster healing, meaning your patients can start managing bacteria and discomfort with as little as a single spray.

How can I incorporate HOCl into my patients' daily eye care routine?

HOCl eye care products like BIHOCL O.D. are simple and easy to use at home. With BIHOCL O.D., patients can use the bottle's gentle spray and mist the product directly into, or onto, the eye. BIHOCL O.D. can also be sprayed directly onto a clean cotton pad and used to gently wipe the surface of the eyelid and eyelash, quickly eliminating harmful bacterias that can lead to eye irritation and infection.

With a simple daily routine, you will not only see a higher rate of at-home treatment compliance from your patients, but you can ensure your patients are preventing infections before they even start while maximizing daily comfort and gentle hydration.


  1. Stroman, D. W., Mintun, K., Epstein, A. B., Brimer, C. M., Patel, C. R., Branch, J. D., & Najafi-Tagol, K. (2017). Reduction in bacterial load using hypochlorous acid hygiene solution on ocular skin. Clinical Ophthalmology, 707-714.

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