Decisions, Decisions: Why Choosing BIHOCL Hypochlorous is So Advantageous

With so many different hypochlorous acid products and formulations on the market, it can be difficult to know which products provide you and your patients with the most optimal formulation. In this blog post, we share factors you should consider prior to choosing a hypochlorous acid product to ensure purity, efficacy, and safety.

Five Factors to Consider When Choosing An HOCl Product

There are numerous manufacturers of hypochlorous acid, and many products available on the market, but buyer beware: not all hypochlorous acid products are created equally. When it comes to choosing an HOCl product you and your patients can trust, always consider the following factors:

  • Purity
  • Stability
  • Format
  • Reliability
  • Locality


It's important to ensure that the hypochlorous acid solution you are using is pure and free of contaminants, chemicals, and unwanted byproducts. In fact, some manufacturers of hypochlorous acid may use inferior techniques to produce their solutions, resulting in the use of buffers, bleach or impurities in the final product. If buffers are added to the solution to stabilize the pH level, they can reduce the effectiveness of the hypochlorous acid². Likewise, the use of bleach to adjust the pH of the product can decrease the purity of the solution and introduce unwanted chemical compounds².

BIHOCL hypochlorous is manufactured using a proprietary process that ensures a the highest purity HOCl available today, with no use of bleach or buffers, making it a safe and effective solution for health care applications.


The effectiveness of hypochlorous acid can be compromised if the solution is not stable¹. Since HOCl is a loosely-bound, highly reactive molecule, it can easily react with substances that come in contact with it and render the product less and less effective over time². As HOCl reacts or is used up, it essentially converts back to saline solution with low efficacy.

BIHOCL hypochlorous is scientifically formulated to maintain stability over time, ensuring consistent performance throughout the shelf life of the product. Our HOCl has an industry-leading 2-year unopened shelf life, and an impressive duration of 6 months once opened.


The format of the solution can greatly impact its ease of use and effectiveness. To meet the needs of different wound types and clinical settings, we offer a range of sizes and formats that include sprayers, instillation caps, dispensing caps, attachments like probes and shields, and more.


It's important to choose a hypochlorous acid solution from a reputable and reliable manufacturer. BIHOCL is a trusted brand in the industry, known for its high-quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction. BIHOCL is ISO 13485 / MDSAP certified and all of our solutions are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that meets the highest standards of quality and safety.


When considering a hypochlorous acid solution, one often overlooked factor is the locality of its production. Choosing a hypochlorous acid solution that is Made in Canada offers several important benefits that can positively impact your practice and patients.

BIHOCL is proud to be one of the few Canadian manufacturers of pure hypochlorous acid products, and prouder still to be the only Canadian-manufactured hypochlorous acid antimicrobial cleanser indicated for the treatment skin, wounds and burns. 

A Lower Cost Without Sacrificing Quality

Opting for a hypochlorous acid solution made in Canada can provide better unit economics, lowering the cost of the product. Local production eliminates or reduces expenses associated with international shipping, customs, and import duties. This cost advantage can make the solution accessible to a wider range of healthcare professionals and patients.

The Trust Factor

There is a level of trust that comes with using a product made in one's own country. When you choose a hypochlorous acid solution manufactured in Canada, like BIHOCL products, you can have confidence in its quality, safety, and compliance with Canadian regulatory standards. Local manufacturing ensures adherence to rigorous quality control measures, providing peace of mind to both healthcare professionals and their patients.

Supply Chain Readiness & Supporting Canadian Healthcare Manufacturing

As we all experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, in times of unforeseen circumstances such as global disruptions or supply chain challenges, having access to a locally produced hypochlorous acid solution can be invaluable. By supporting Canadian manufacturing, you contribute to a robust and reliable supply chain that is better prepared to meet the demands of healthcare providers. For BIHOCL, this ensures a steady and uninterrupted supply of our products when you need it most, without reliance on potentially vulnerable international sources.

Plus, by opting for a local product, you contribute to the growth and sustainability of the domestic industry. This support not only helps create jobs and economic opportunities within Canada but also fosters innovation and advancements in healthcare manufacturing, benefiting the entire country's healthcare system.

BIHOCL PureCleanse on a table next to a manufacturing line.

Does your HOCl check all the boxes?

When it comes to choosing a hypochlorous acid product, BIHOCL has you covered. We take pride in our commitment to producing the highest quality and safest product on the market. Our hypochlorous is formulated with purity, stability, and reliability in mind, making it the perfect choice for medical professionals and patients alike. With BIHOCL, you can be confident that you're providing the best possible care to your patients, while also ensuring their safety.

Let us help you take your patient care to the next level. Get started with BIHOCL products today, and experience the difference for yourself!



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