The Use of Hypochlorous Acid in An Infected Burn Wound – A Case Study

Roos, H., Kana, B., & Naude, L. (2021). The use of hypochlorous acid in an infected burn wound–a case study. Wound Healing Southern Africa, 14(1), 21-24.

Care of patients with burns is complex, could be lengthy and could be complicated by infection, especially if the prevailing bacteria are present as biofilms. This complication can be anticipated and treated with the use of HOCl, an effective agent against planktonic and biofilm bacteria. Furthermore, its effect on the modulation of inflammation ultimately yields improved outcomes. The patient in this case study, despite the formation of biofilm and inflammation, responded well to the local application of and daily dressing with HOCl and gauze. The results suggest that treatment of wounds with HOCl should be investigated for all burn cases where the wounds are not following the normal wound healing trajectory according to the wound healing phases.

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