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No bleach, chemicals or impurities
No bleach, chemicals or impurities
100% pure & stable hypochlorous
100% pure & stable hypochlorous
No irritation
No irritation
Easy application
Easy application

Delivering Advanced Eyegiene Solutions


Improve patient outcomes, increase patient compliance, and enhance your dry eye treatment protocol.


Improve procurement efficiency and cost. Automate delivery with Subscribe & Save, and leave the rest to us.


Improve daily eyegiene habits and restore comfort in your eyes by removing bacteria and reducing inflammation.

How to use BIHOCL O.D.


Spray twice on closed eyelid and eyebrow area.


Gently rub eyelid and lashes in a lateral or circular motion using cotton round or clean hands until debris is removed.


Repeat this process as for the other eye as required.

Remove any contacts or cosmetics and wash face before proceeding.

There’s no such thing as using BIHOCL O.D. too frequently. For best results, use at least twice daily on both eyes — we suggest in the morning and before bed. Apply liberally and often as part of an effective eye care protocol.

BIHOCL O.D. can also be safely misted directly onto the eye and periocular region. A combination of both techniques will help to fully cleanse eyelids and eyelashes.

No rinse needed! Once applied, let the product air dry with eyes opened as normal.


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The power of pure hypochlorous

Move over, saline. It’s time for a more active approach.
BIHOCL O.D. contains 100% pure hypochlorous acid (HOCl) – a naturally occurring molecule produced by our body’s white blood cells to defend against infection and inflammation. In our case, we manufacture it through electrolysis with just medical-grade salt and purified water. That’s it! No, really – that’s all we use.

The end result is an activated saline solution that’s as effective as it is safe.

BIHOCL is the only hypochlorous eye care formulation tested by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for purity and is unsurpassed in its combination of safety, efficacy, and stability.


At BIHOCL, we are passionate about our formulations and energized by our commitment to make a difference in people’s lives and in the world.

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