• Biomiq Inc. takes over national wound care contracts from Sterasure Inc., enhancing access to its BIHOCL™ PureCleanse™ solution across Canada.
  • Sterasure Inc. will continue to manufacture the product for Biomiq in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  • The transition strengthens Biomiq's market standing and enables better service to Canadian health care institutions and patients.
  • Biomiq continues broad impact on patient care with diverse healthcare solutions, including antimicrobial eye hygiene and UV-C disinfection devices.


KITCHENER, May 28, 2024 — Biomiq Inc.—a Canadian medical device company committed to challenging the status quo with its innovative products inspired by biomimicry—announces a pivotal transition that sees the company assuming the wound care contracts of both HealthPro (#06193) and Mohawk Medbuy/Plexxus (#CW16063/#C1825) previously held by Sterasure Inc.

"This strategic action is a milestone for Biomiq as it expands the availability of our flagship product, BIHOCL™ PureCleanse™,” says Robert Fuller, the company’s Managing Director. “This transition not only strengthens Biomiq's market position but also allows us to better serve the needs of Canadian health care institutions, their clinicians, and their patients."

BIHOCL™ PureCleanse™, Biomiq’s line of pure hypochlorous acid (HOCl) cleansers, is engineered for the treatment of wounds, skin, and burns, and is proudly designed and manufactured in Canada.

“The product is gaining significant traction as a replacement for standard saline due to its similar safety profile while offering the efficacy of HOCL—a potent antimicrobial,” Fuller continues. “The BIHOCL™ PureCleanse™ solution is non-cytotoxic, free of sodium hypochlorite, and sets a new standard in wound care with its unique combination of safety and efficacy not found in traditional antiseptics or cleansers.”

Currently used across Canada by clinicians and surgeons in both acute and community care settings, BIHOCL™ PureCleanse™ embodies Biomiq's commitment to elevating patient care standards and access to safe, effective wound care products nationwide.

Sterasure Inc., a medical device manufacturer based in Kitchener, Ontario, will continue to produce Biomiq's hypochlorous acid devices, reinforcing Biomiq's dedication to industry-leading collaborations and offering Canada’s health care system a much needed reliable supply chain advantage.

Beyond wound care, Biomiq's impact on advancing patient care is broad and diverse. The company offers several cutting-edge healthcare solutions including safe, antimicrobial eye hygiene solutions to over 400 Canadian eye care clinics with its BIHOCL O.D. product line, and UV-C light-based high-level disinfection (HLD) devices with its UV Smart product line.

Bill Roberts, President and Co-Founder of Biomiq, remarks, “We’re proud of this transition as an exciting step towards enhancing access and use of BIHOCL™ PureCleanse™ across Canada. As Biomiq expands its reach and continues to invest in bringing new technologies to market, we remain steadfast in our mission to elevate patient care and help create a future where every Canadian has access to—and an opportunity to be treated with—BIHOCL™ PureCleanse™ hypochlorous solutions”.

For more information, please visit www.biomiq.health or contact info@biomiq.health. Stay connected with Biomiq on social media: @Biomiq.Health on Instagram and Facebook, @Biomiq-Health on LinkedIn, and @BiomiqHealth on Twitter.

About Biomiq Inc.

Biomiq Inc. is a leading Canadian medical device company and distributor of medical technologies designed to enhance patient outcomes and care standards. The company leverages the principles of biomimicry to develop and distribute transformative solutions, with a primary focus on wound care, surgical, eye care, and infection control applications. Biomiq is dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare through strategic partnerships and an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. As one of the fastest-growing medical device companies in Canada, and the proprietor of a leading hypochlorous acid (HOCl) brand—BIHOCL™—Biomiq holds a strong market position. The company continues to expand its commitment to improving care standards for all patients and supporting the skilled clinicians who care for them. Learn more at www.biomiq.health.

About Sterasure Inc.

Sterasure Inc., an end-to-end manufacturer of ultra-pure hypochlorous acid (HOCl) products such as BIHOCL™ PureCleanse™ and BIHOCL™ O.D., is a leading medical device company based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The company holds over 20 Class 2 medical device licensed products and is an ISO 13485 / MDSAP certified medical device manufacturer. Sterasure is dedicated to combating antimicrobial resistance, improving care across the Canadian healthcare system, and bringing essential manufacturing back to Canada. The company is known for its dedication to quality, research and development, agile innovation, and strategic partnerships. With decades of combined experience in the healthcare products industry, Sterasure provides safe, effective, and thoughtfully designed solutions. Furthermore, the company offers contract manufacturing services for high volume opportunities, reinforcing its strong position in the industry. Learn more at www.sterasure.com.


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